6ml Syringe Kit (Panaeolus cyanescens) Multiple Varieties

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Several Varieties Available!

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Spores suspended in 6ml syringe.



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Golden Teacher, Jedi Mind F*&K, Angkor Wat, Amazon, B+, Ban Sa Phang Kha, Ecuador, Golden Mammoth, KSSS, Lizard King, Leucistic Red Boy, McKennaii, Mazatapec, Paynes Prairie, PESH (Pacifica Exotica Spores Hawaii), Treasure Coast, Z-Strain, Avery's Albino, Melmac OG, Estero, Haust Venom, Blue Springs FL

5 reviews for 6ml Syringe Kit (Panaeolus cyanescens) Multiple Varieties

  1. BrownieBitz (verified owner)

    I ordered one of each estero and haust venom syringe and have no complains

  2. LizG

    Spores Fast is my go-to vendor. Pan Cyans spores can be so tricky to see under the microscope, but I had success visualizing the estero on the first try. It’s kind of ruined me for cubensis varieties because these spores look so much more interesting. I definitely recommend estero from Spores Fast if you’re interested in a challenging but rewarding variety to study.

  3. Van

    Thank you so so much I am very impressed not only by how professional your company is but the level of detail and care you take to guarantee satisfaction. Your communication with me through email was amazing even at 11pm (est.) I still got a response within minutes. I’m also a huge fan of the spore syringe sealed with a clean needle and it’s got a great label along with the spore print neatly folded on clean foil in a labeled package. You made my first spore purchasing experience amazing and I won’t be going anywhere else for my supplies thank you so much. Also I love the sticker too how can I get more cool sticks like that?

  4. Mckeon (verified owner)

    Came back after ordering the estero strain couple weeks ago to say the research is going strong 🙂

  5. K (verified owner)

    Estro syringe. Very good specimen. Super quick shipping.

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