Terms/Warranty Claims

We sell active spores for microscopy use only. If you intend to use them to cultivate we cannot sell them to you. If you communicate any attempt to use our spores for the purpose of growing we will not ship your order. Period, no exceptions.. We will not sell or ship spores outside the United States of America, and the states of California, Georgia, and Idaho are excluded due to local laws. If you order spores from us and reside in those three states we will not process your order. No exceptions.

Our materials are collected in laboratory environments in locations where cultivation is legal. Do not ask us for cultivation information, we do not grow or sell active mushrooms.

Warranty claims will require microscopic photos of contamination. We will not respond to failure claims resulting from use in cultivation, again that is an illegal act that we do not condone or support in any way whatsoever.

We sell active spores for microscopic use only… Plain and simple.